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Complete Voice Solution

Simplicity – “It’s the Future”

Its a really straightforward proposition – Having staff on a Unified Communications system is better for you, It’s better for your staff and your customers prefer it:

  • You have total cost control as there is only one system to provision and manage – everyone uses the same features in the same way, and they’re available wherever in the world your staff need them.
  • Your staff are more productive and happier – less commuting and easier systems for them to work with.
  • Your clients notice that the right call gets to the right person first time, more of the time. The resulting improvements in customer service are really noticeable.

Historically there has been a playoff between Functionality and Cost Effectiveness – You know the old chestnut.. “you get what you pay for”. Well here’s an alternative “Only pay for what you need”.

All of our systems are resiliently constructed in the cloud, and all you do is utilize the investment we have made on a per user, per month basis.

We have a resource that is well utilized and managed. As a consequence of that, the cost benefits trickle down to you.

All you decide is how many users you need and where – you don’t need to worry about lines, phone systems, growth, new markets, relocation, Disaster Recovery or maintenance. BTS Hosted manages all of that for you for a fixed monthly fee per user – we can even include all of your call traffic; inbound and outbound, for a small supplement!

What’s the catch?

We have worked hard to make this straight forwards and transparent. Consequently what you see is what you get.

We charge based on a fixed cost per user or agent per month and that can include local/national, mobile and even international calls. We can even include all of the site connectivity!

Best of all there are no long contracts. Our agreements are as shorts as 12 months and user numbers can be flexed up and back down as you need, month by month.

There are no ongoing maintenance charges either.

SO – there’s no need to worry … you can just concentrate on running your business and taking advantage of BTS Hosted.

So, how does it work?

We have a cluster of hardware based across several resilient Data Centres, all of which are interconnected by a mesh of high speed data links.

These systems allow us to provide you wuth anywhere from 1 to 10,000 extensions for your users to use in as many locations as you need, anywhere in the world.

Because we fully support Open Standards we then help you to connect any SIP enabled phone*, offering a range for you to choose from.

You can also provide your own phone (BYOD or ‘Bring your own device’), use soft-phones (PC/MAC/Linux Based) or mobile clients (Android / iOS) – It’s your choice.

That means that you can be connected on almost any device anywhere in the world that you have web connectivity.

That could be an office in Aberdeen, a hotel in Shanghai or on a Wifi hotspot in Cardiff.

We can even provide the connectivity for your offices, so that your system is fully supported by one provide for one fixed price.

What features can i use?

·         Hold Call ·         Alerts
·         Voicemail ·         IVR Menus
·         Call Recording ·         Call Diversion
·         Number Menu ·         E999 Emergency Calls
·         Call Transfer ·         Call Screening
·         Fax to Email ·         Time & Day Routes
·         Hunt Groups ·         Call Me API
·         Do Not Disturb (DND) ·         Classes of Service
·         Call Parking ·         Whisper Announcement
·         Fax to Mailbox ·         Caller ID Routing
·         Call Waiting ·         Send SMS
·         Click to Call ·         Conferences
·         Pattern Menus ·         Force Caller Name
·         Page Groups ·         Fax Spam Prevention
·         Force Hangup ·         Receive SMS
·         Call Back ·         Automatic Page Announcement
·         Web URLs ·         Temporary Routing
·         Music on Hold (MOH) ·         Feature Codes
·         Active Call List ·         Dialer^
·         Queues with Callback ·         Enhanced Operator Console^
·         Pickup Groups ·         Presence (Busy Lamps) ^
·         Remote Access ·         Chat Sessions^
·         Call History ·         Wallboards^
·         Top List ·         CRM Integration^
·         Call Announcement ·         Outlook & Gmail Integration^
·         Number Allocation ·         TPS Service Checking^
·         User Control ·         Disaster Recovery

^ –  Available as an Extra for an additional Monthly and/or Per Use Charge